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Did someone say cheese?

Gosto de ti simplesmente porque gosto, e é tão bom viver assim

Porty! ( ´∀`)

A B O U T ♥ 私

This Livejournal is owned by the person who's commonly referred to as "Porty" or "Portport", a person who still wasn't able to ditch the true and authentic fangirl personality traits that make her up.

Porty seems to be known as a nice creature, but rather on the crazy and proactive side. But that's how she is... she can't go against her own instincts.

This journal is friends only, just in case I ever decide to go on excessive spam/rant mode... Much fangirling and idiocy, basically. But, besides that, you can find AMV posts and my fanworks in this little journal of mine.

Hetalia, Inazuma Eleven, Arakawa Under the Bridge, KHR, Gintama, DGM, Gurren Lagann, Kenshin

I ship:
Spain x Portugal, North x South Italy, England x Portugal, UKJp, FrEs, UKEs...
10069, 10051
Gintoki x Hijikata, Hijikata x Okita, Okita x Kagura

Communities I manage are:
love_and_tea (Arthur x Kiku)
codfishpub (England x Portugal)
tomato_with_cod (Spain x Portugal)
eurotalia [helping out as a mod there]

では、 よろしくおねがいします!

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and this is my crown
Once Upon a Time
[Roderich Edelstein] & I
ruled the world

England Japan is my hetalia otp.

{Arthur Kirkland} is the only road I know

is mai waifu
Sakata Gintoki is mai waifu

I AM THE Kishitani Shinra OF DURARARA!!

♪♪Keltainen tekee maailmasta valoisamman paikan!♪♪

Here comes my knight in shining armour...